Květná zahrada

The Flower Garden in Kroměříž, also known as Libosad, is one of the most important garden works in the world. Today, it is practically the only one complex representative of such a composed unit in Europe.

The entry building of the garden was projected by architect Antonín Arch in a distinct classicist style of 1840s. The greenhouses accompanying the entry building were built in the same time. In 1848, the building was home to historian Václav Vladivoj Tomek.

The Flower Garden has developed throughout centuries since 1665. The bishop of Lichtenstein had drained a local marhes and reshaped to a unique garden in modern French style.  The garden is bounded by a colonnade which features 44 statues of old Greek and Roman gods. There is a gate in middle of the colonnade with official main entrance to the garden. In the center of the Flower Garden, there is a baroque rotunda decorated with frescoes and stucco. 

After extensive restoration, the Flower garden was ceremoniously opened on September 6 to 7 2014 with the first year of the HORTUS MAGICUS festival.

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